Three Cancer-Related Things You Need to Watch or Read Today

Myths_Truths-300x300Just a very short post today to highlight three things that I ran across earlier this morning that really caught my eye.

Two of these were articles on myths and truths about cancer. These are the type of articles that make me say “Man, I wish I wrote that”. When that happens, I have to share.

The first of these, entitled Six stubborn myths about cancer penned by David Robert Grimes in The Guardian is exactly what it says. In it Grimes covers six huge myths, from the old saw of “sharks don’t get cancer” to the persistent malevolence that ‘we know how to cure cancer but of course big pharma is suppressing it’. 

A very well done, short and readable article. I recommend it.

The second is a piece in the Atlantic Wire by Alexander Nazaryan entitled Ten Tough Truths About Cancer. The “truths” are culled from a new book written by George Johnson called The Cancer Chronicles: Unlocking Medicine’s Deepest Mystery and these complement the myths in the first piece. Another highly recommended read.

I need to get hold of Johnson’s book now, which has already achieved considerable critical and scientific acclaim.

The third piece is a brief video produced, I believe about a year ago, by Thailand Health Promotion. I had seen it before but came across it again today and it deserves to go viral because of its clear but critically important anti-smoking message.

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