If you are looking for a speaker who can have audiences laughing one minute, and then move them to tears the next, and have them cheer when they learn of some of the astounding advances we are making in the fight against cancers, you need look no further…

Please let me help to make your next event a memorable one.


I have been very fortunate to have developed a communication style that seems to resonate deeply with people of all walks of life, and with any level of understanding of science and research. Given that a significant part of my former job responsibilities was to engage audiences and to create enthusiasm for cancer research from among the public, donors, partners, collaborators and other stakeholders, I am proud to say that my speaking and presentation skills have been very much in demand.

Indeed, over the past number of years I have criss-crossed the country many times and have made perhaps a hundred or more presentations about the advances in cancer research to various groups that included:

Patient groups, families or caregivers

He’s one of the best presenters I’ve heard when talking about research to people living with cancer.

“I will never forget the reaction of patients to his presentation at a Living with Cancer conference a few years ago. He’s very engaging when talking about the impact of research on ordinary people living with cancer.”


Donors or prospective donors

“I know we thanked you yesterday for everything …. But morning after I’m still in awe of your apparently effortless presentation skills and great warmth and sociability. You painted amazing pictures for us to take away….”

Senior volunteers

How are advances in cloning coming along these days….is there any way we can clone you?

“I wanted to thank you again for the superb presentation on the progress in Canadian cancer research over the last 70 years and the involvement and leadership of CCS and NCIC/CCSRI on this front… The volunteers on the committee were “blown away” by the presentation and I must say that it is the best of the many presentations I have seen over the past 30 years…”


In my opening remarks last week I knew the [Committee] members were in for a treat, and so I “bragged you up”, but clearly not enough as warranted.  Without reservation your presentation was the BEST I have ever heard over my 25 years with the [Canadian Cancer] Society.

At first glance you might feel that my subject matter seems somewhat narrow – after all, it almost always focuses on cancer research and the promise and hope for better cancer prevention, treatments, cures and quality of life. Why would anyone outside of “cancer organizations” have any interest?

Let me assure you that presentations about cancer research have VERY BROAD PUBLIC APPEAL.

Think about it – do you imagine that there is ANYONE, anywhere who has not been touched by cancer in some way, whether themselves, a family member, a loved one, a friend, a colleague…

It is my experience that the public is HUNGRY for information about progress and hope in cancer research. Indeed, every single one of us has some personal reason to want to learn more about how we are faring in our fight against the 200 or more diseases we call “cancer”.

If you want to include a memorable presentation in your event –  one that will take you behind the headlines of today’s (and tomorrow’s!) cancer research, yet will engage and inform your audience in language and images that everyone will understand – please feel free to contact me.

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