How Hard is it to Accurately Fill an IV Bag with Chemotherapy Drugs?

This story has been quite the front page news for a couple of days in Ontario and the rest of Canada as it came to light that over 1000 patients at 5 Canadian hospitals were UNDER-dosed with their chemotherapy drugs due to the IV bags apparently being overfilled with saline by the manufacturer and therefore being diluted.

While bad, this is better than the opposite – having an overdose.

Still my surmise is that there will be very little harm to any individual – physically that is. Emotional and psychological stress is a different matter...

Here is how André Picard summarized the issue: Chemotherapy mix-ups raise red flags for health care

And here is one editorial from the Toronto Star today that sums it up nicely: Ontario must restore trust in vital chemotherapy drugs: Editorial

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How Hard is it to Accurately Fill an IV Bag with Chemotherapy Drugs? — 2 Comments

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