A small collection of comments from colleagues and from former employees, many of which were sent to me on the occasion of my retirement at the end of 2011.

In my experience on both sides of the border, it is rare to find someone who ‘gets it’ so well. You will be very hard to replace, and I am sure that the cancer community … will miss you greatly.

Dr. B. N. (Toronto); Major Research Institute Director


As I’m sure you have heard from more than a few of your colleagues, your wisdom, openness and diplomacy (those three traits don’t often come in one package), will be sorely missed.

Ms. S. P. (Toronto) CEO of a major health charity


I couldn’t have wanted for a better mentor and coach – I hope your legacy lives on in all the people who were lucky to work closely with you. You will leave big shoes to be filled at CCS.

Dr. S. E. (Toronto); Former Employee


Your leadership of NCIC through some very interesting times … has been extraordinary as is your leadership in creating a new cancer research institute and driving the future.  Your passion and commitment to excellence in relevant research comes through all you say and do.  I’m very proud to work with you and to learn from your leadership.  Thanks for all of the things you are and bring to cancer.

Dr. S.C. (Waterloo); Research Colleague


I have always valued your thoughts and insights – and inspirational words. You have taught me a lot, and I define my role with NCIC-CCS-CCSRI via your leadership. You should know the impact you have had on individuals.

Dr. M.B. (Hamilton); Research Colleague


To me, you have been the face of NCIC/CCSRI.  It certainly won’t be the same without you but I am sure that you will leave a legacy of integrity and high standard that will stay with the organization.

Dr. D. L. (London); Research Colleague


I feel that your contributions to the CCSRI have been signal. Mostly, it is your clarity of thought and ability to articulate process issues which allow us to understand important context in which to arrive at serious decisions, that I have appreciated so much over the years. You have also allowed me the distinct privilege of joining in this journey with you and the rest of the gang and this has been an interesting, inspiring and instructive experience for me. You should take great pride in your accomplishments over the years…I feel you have provided outstanding stewardship and direction to the organization.

Dr. Z. R. (Montreal); Research Colleague and Senior Volunteer


It will be a different landscape in Canadian cancer research without you. We’ll have to cope and find among ourselves the collective vision that you always imparted to our community….

On a personal note, I am very grateful for your constant support and collegial mentorship over the years. NCIC was paramount in helping me becoming established as a Canadian cancer researcher and your role in this process was essential.

Dr. E. F. (Montreal); Senior Research Colleague


I cannot imagine a CCSRI organization without you!  You have been there the entire time I have been associated with NCIC/CCSRI.  You have guided the organization through so many changes and have met the challenges with an admirable level of professionalism, even when I know it wasn’t always easy.  Your enthusiasm and strong support for CCSRI will be missed.

Dr. H. O. (Edmonton); Research Colleague and Senior Volunteer


I often think of you and am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with you and get to know the human being and not just the boss. Your sense of humour was ever present, your values an inspiration and your intelligence unmatched.

Ms. L. W. (Toronto); Former Employee




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