A seasoned professional/executive in research and research administration with over 35 years experience in the not-for-profit (health charity), corporate and academic research arenas, including 21 years at the Vice-President, Executive Director or Director levels. Much sought after and highly-prized speaking and presentation skills, complemented by exceptional written communications, interpersonal skills, unquestioned integrity, exemplary leadership and talent development/mentorship abilities.


  • An in-demand speaker from coast to coast, with a proven ability to effectively communicate complex subjects such as cancer research to diverse audiences, from the lay public to specialized technical and scientific experts
  • Proven history of highly productive interactions with colleagues at all levels, including Boards of Directors and other senior level (volunteer and non-volunteer) committees
  • Collaborative leadership style: highly effective team player with a history of leading by example, teaching, motivating and mentoring others, engendering loyalty among staff and maintaining calm and morale during periods of high stress
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully manage significant change in complex organizations and reliably effect creative solutions in response to challenging situations
  • Excellent problem-solving skills: ability to see problems from all perspectives
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