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Pay No Attention to that (Dr.) Oz Behind the Curtain


Almost two years ago on these very pages I wrote about Dr. Mehmet Oz and how I felt that his celebrity, and the incessant need to ‘feed’ that celebrity, was driving him into quackery and snake oil sales. I was scarcely alone in this view – one has but to Google “Dr. Oz huckster” or similar term to see that most of us who believe in science and evidence are not among Dr. Oz’s huge …


Of “Ground-Breaking” and “Breakthrough” and “Blockbuster”: Endpoints Matter


This week in San Diego the American Association for Cancer Research is holding its annual meeting. When I was an active cancer researcher this was one of the premier meetings that I made sure I attended if at all possible. The meeting itself is high enough profile that many top researchers from around the world wait to announce significant results at this meeting, because they know that the rest of the cancer research world will …


Dr Janet Dancey Appointed as Director of Canada’s Pre-Eminent National Clinical Trials Group


After the departure last summer of Dr. Ralph Meyer as the Director of the NCIC Clinical Trials Group (NCIC CTG) (which I wrote about in these pages), the search has been on to find a new Director for the Group. The search was a joint one by Queen’s University and the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI) I am delighted that Dr. Janet Dancey has just today been announced as Dr. Meyer’s successor. Janet is a …


Scientists in School: A Wonderful Charity You Need to Know More About


From time to time I have written a post that is not strictly about cancer or cancer research. This is one of those times. I have written blog posts in the past talking about some very smart and incredibly inspiring and creative kids into whose hands the torch of future (cancer and other) research will no doubt pass. I wrote about Jack Andraka for example and about Adam Noble both of whom tell us that keeping …